Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings are probably one of my favourite weddings.

Probably the most popular time of the year for an outdoor wedding would be the Summer, although you can never predict the weather, but the warm summer sun is often a bonus.

Autumn is lovely, especially if the venue is in the countryside with the changing colours of the leaves and Spring can be lovely to with the newness of the first flowers.

Winter outdoor weddings can be beautiful, especially with a light sprinkling of snow, but it is more than likely it would need to be artificial in this country.

Certainly an outdoor wedding where you can enjoy the beauty of nature surrounded by your friends and loved ones is something to think about and make your outdoor wedding a celebration to remember.

Your Outdoors Wedding Venue

There are so many different venues where you can have an outdoor wedding, here are some suggestions:

It begins at home if you have a big enough garden, there is no reason why you can’t have your outdoor wedding at home.

What about a vineyard, handy for a glass of wine and many of our vineyards now hire out an area for an outdoor wedding.

A botanical garden can be a beautiful place to celebrate nature and have an outdoor wedding.

I couldn’t write a blog on outdoor weddings without mentioning the beach, living on an island has its advantages, lots of beaches to choose from or of course you may choose a beach where there is a higher chance of having the sun shinning all day, in which case don’t forget your celebrant – I would be more than happy to travel.

There is the rustic forest venue, I always think this is one of the most magical places to have to have an outdoor wedding. Twinkling fairy lights giving it that magical fairy presence.

Putting a tent, marquee or gazebo up in an open field with stunning views, plenty of ground for the children to run around or a wedding bouncy castle and those giant garden games. Of course those would be after the beautifully written ceremony has taken place written by your celebrant telling your love story and those specially written vows exchanged in your romantic outdoor wedding.

There are of course the estates and manors that often have a purpose made area especially for outdoor weddings. These often are beautifully done with views and romantic surroundings.

The rustic barn is a venue which often incorporates facilitates for being both indoors and outdoor weddings often with the wedding ceremony outdoors, the reception in the barn and the evenings using both the barn and outdoors depending on the weather.

Ideas for your Outdoors Wedding

There are, of course, loads of ideas for your outdoor wedding and depending on your imagination and your Celebrate’s creativity, the world’s your oyster, but here are a few:

Releasing butterflies during a wedding is an added touch that really sets your ceremony apart, as it symbolizes the joining of your two souls as you embark on your new life together, full of hopes and dreams. It shows the importance of your wedding ceremony in a tangible way and, as an added bonus, provides delight for guests of all ages.

If you’re worried about bugs gate crashing your outdoor wedding festivities, there are things you can do to help keep them away.

Keep your food and drinks covered whenever possible–you might consider offering sweet drinks in a cute milk bottle or mason jar with a lid and straw to prevent bugs from joining the party.

Planner your outdoor wedding decor

When planning your outdoor wedding decor, you can also include elegant decorations and flowers that are natural bug repellents.

Lavender, mint, petunias, chrysanthemums, rosemary, and marigolds are natural repellents that can minimise the presence of bugs on your special day while tying into your theme and serving as stunning decorations.

When planning your outdoor wedding, one of the most important things to think about is your entrance and exit. How the aisle will be decorated. A popular way is to have candles placed inside lanterns line the aisle, this can give a magical feel to the outdoor wedding and highlight the loving couple.

Having a caricature artist at an outdoor wedding is great fun and is something which is becoming increasingly popular. They could do a picture of the happy couple first and they could use it on their thank you cards to remind people of the day.

Of course, there is the bouncy castle and the outdoor games such as chess, connect 4, jenga, table tennis, croquet and bowls and probably many others.

Sometimes an outdoor wedding can take on a theme which could be a colour theme with nature’s natural colours like a sage green.

A forest could take on a fairy glen theme or a magical forest theme.

Pagan themed weddings often take place in a forest or where there are ancient stones.

Viking themed weddings often take place outside, usually on a Friday.

Outdoor weddings are perfect for anyone that wants an earthy, rustic vibe for their special day. You can include unique and classy decorations to amplify the nature surrounding you during the ceremony and reception.

Other rustic decorations could include wooden benches, barrels of flowers, lanterns, candles, fairy lights, natural centrepieces.

The bridesmaids could wear flower crowns as could brides or braiding with flowers placed into their hair.

On a hot summer day, there’s almost nothing better than a nice glass of chilled champagne. While your guests might expect to see champagne at a wedding, having an outdoor venue gives you more space to experiment with your drinks display. Consider a champagne tower where your guests can watch as champagne glasses fill and flow over to the glasses beneath them. When done correctly, a champagne tower is a stunning feature with minimal mess.

Often, outdoor weddings are best decorated using small items to accentuate the surroundings and simple and elegant decor is usually best.

Eat, Drink and Be Married sign at outdoor weddings
Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

What if the weather threatens your Outdoors Wedding?

An outdoor wedding in the summer is a fantastic option for making your big day special. But it is important to prepare for the heat and sun to ensure that you and your guests remain comfortable.

You could make elegant parasols or hand fans available. You can find wedding parasols and fans in bulk to fit your theme or colour scheme. Not only are umbrellas a thoughtful touch – but they’re also a wonderful memento for you and your guests after the big day. Also a useful idea if it rains.

If you are worried about high winds, brides may have to consider the style of their hair

Plan heavy centrepieces and decor that won’t blow away in the wind, such as decorative rocks that complement the rustic feel of your wedding.

Preparing for any kind of weather for you outdoor wedding is a must and having back up plans ensures everything goes smoothly, whatever the weather.

 Many people planning outdoor ceremonies have a nearby indoor backup plan to avoid last-minute stress.

A successful outdoor wedding is all about preparation. When creating your wedding invitations, mention the venue and appropriate outfits so everyone stays comfortable.

Don't forget the Umbrellas at your outdoor weddings
Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash

Do you need permits for your Outdoors Wedding

Make sure you have permission to hold your wedding at the outdoor venue you select before making concrete arrangements. Park weddings and private locations sometimes require permits at a low cost to you.

If you are having your ceremony at a national park, ensure that you have all of the necessary permits to set up specific decorations.

Some venues don’t require a permit, but depending on the decorations or services you hire, you should check to ensure that no permit is necessary. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, you don’t automatically need a permit, but you will if you plan on outdoor music, a large number of guests, or a large ceremony that takes up significant sand space.

An Outdoor Wedding can be as magical, traditional, modern or have elements of all three and more besides.

You are only limited by your imagination.

If you are planning your weeding ourdoors or indoors contact me for a no obligation chat about your day

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